This page contains everything you need to konw about Lab One!

Element Default Event Return Data Type Max/Min
Button On Click "button1 clicked!" String N/A
Text Input Input text_input1 current text: "what the text box says" String N/A
Label On Click label1 clicked! String N/A
Dropdown On Change Selected option: Option 2 String N/A
Radio Button On Change radio_button1 checked? "boolean value" String N/A
Checkbox On Change checkbox1 checked? "boolean value" String N/A
Image On Click image1 clicked! String N/A
Canvas On Click canvas1 clicked at x:"x value" y:"y value" String N/A
Screen On Click or On Keydown screen1 clicked! String N/A
Text Area On Change text_area1 entered text: "text inside text box" String N/A
Chart N/A N/A img? N/A
Slider On Change slider value: "insert number" String min=0 max=100